Accountancy | Murphy Thompson Moore LLP


Many accounting firms offer a very simple but limited service. They will prepare your accounts from your accounting records and produce sets of reports to comply with your obligations.

Although this is fine, we believe that you would like a better service.

If you engage Murphy Thompson Moore as your accountants, we will fullfill the accounting needs and build a complete picture of your businesses financial position as we do this.  We’ll also prepare meaningful reports that explain the detail behind the numbers and what this means for the future of your business.

We will discuss the financial progress of your business at regular meetings or telephone conferences.

Your records can be informative about the recent past, but they can also serve as a useful guide to the coming year by helping you pick out trends and prepare for the year ahead.

We can carry out our work for you using cloud accounting software or desktop software. Where we use cloud accounting software, you will be able to log in to your accounting records and work entirely independently of any work we may be doing for you. If you have desktop accounting software we can connect remotely using Remote Desktop or other similar software.

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