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When was the last time you checked if your service charge was competitive?  Are you getting the best value that you can?

Your service charge covers the services delivered to the building, such as regular maintenance, insurance and the managing agents charges.  Costs and performance vary wildly.

MTM have a clear tender process, which we can run on behalf of block management directors.  We will give you objective measurable criteria against which you can benchmark, both your existing service provider, and competitors.  We handle the entire application process for you.  You can choose to invite (or not) , your current managing agent.  Your involvement will be to attend a tender round interview stage and review papers we will process on your behalf.  We provide a detailed commentary on all bidders.  We check out their capability to deliver the contract and undertake all due diligence on your behalf.

Our service is highly rated by leasehold directors and it will return better value for you and your fellow leaseholders.  You'll have the peace of mind of knowing that your appointed managing agent is the right choice for your building and budget.

For further information, please call  or  by completing our enquiry form. 

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