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Leasehold Tribunals

Leaseholders are at risk of excessive service charge demands.

The purpose of Leasehold Valuation Tribunals is to protect leaseholders from unlawful and unreasonable service charge demands.  These tribunals are now known as First Tier Tribunals. They still provide the same service.

MTM provide expert advice as to whether or not a service charge, or any element of it, is in fact chargeable.  Managing agents sometimes fall foul of their duty to issue correct service charge demands and this is where we can step in to help block directors.

If a service charge is challenged by a leaseholder, you can appoint us to guide you as to the legal position, settle the dispute between the leaseholder and the management company, or represent you at the the Tribunal.

Recovery of professional fees is not possible at these tribunals. For this reason, we will provide you with a fixed fee service to enable you to assess whether or not it is commercially sensible to defend a claim or settle.

These matters can be complex.  If you require advice and a tribunal application has been made, we strongly recommend you contact us immediately.  Early advice is important to ensure a suitable outcome.

For further information, please call  or  by completing our enquiry form. 

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