Registered Office Facility

Registered Office Facility

The Registered Office of a company is shown on the public record as the Statutory place of business.  This is not necessarily the same place as the day to day workplace.  It is the address where all statutory correspondence is sent, e.g., from HMRC or Companies House.  The Registered Office address is legally required to be shown on the letterheads, along with the Company Number.

Sometimes, there are instances where the owners of a company require a Registered Office address which is not there own.  This can be where someone does not have a physical base.

By using Murphy Thompson Moore's address as the Registered Office, you can be assured that you have a legal base and that any statutory mail is forwarded on to you.  You are also showing you clients that you have a prestigious address in Manchester city centre.

Our address in King Street, Manchester, is in the historic old Bank of England building.  It is perhaps, the most notable building on what is the most prestigious street in the city.

Our Registered Office facility is provided on an annual basis at the reasonable cost of £150.00 (plus vat) per annum.

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