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HR Handbooks

Employing staff is not without it's pitfalls.

It is important to have clear policies in place, covering all aspects of the employees relationship with your business and setting out what should happen in a variety of common scenarios.

We can produce a HR Handbook for you that covers the four principal areas which you should consider.

These are :-

  • Employing Staff: Employing staff fairly and expertly, ensuring they are properly inducted and that they are aware of the required standards of business conduct, including use of email and the internet.
  • Managing Employee Performance: Setting objectives, assessing and managing employee performance including absences, misconduct and capability issues
  • Dealing with Employee Concerns: Hearing grievances, dealing with bullying and harassment and making provisions for “whistle-blowing”
  • Supporting Staff in the Workplace: ensuring equality and fairness in all aspects of employment; dealing with alcohol and drug issues and ensuring their health and safety is properly guarded.

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