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Leaseholder Services

Your Gateway to Effective Self Management


Are you considering Self Management?

Frustrations with your Managing Agent may be making you wonder if self-management is a viable option. We can provide practical advice and support to enable you to consider all the options. In our experience self-management works well for committed groups of Directors who are able to, initially, invest some time to get things up and running and then to meet on a regular basis, usually quarterly, to review finances and issues that have arisen. Self-management is not for everyone. We can quickly help you work out if it is the correct choice for your building and provide you with a plan to transfer to self-management. Along the way we will answer all your questions, serve Notice on your existing Managing Agents and see the process through to the point where you take over the running of the building.

Right to Manage- how can this help me?

If your problems relate specifically to the Landlord, you may wish to remove the Landlord's involvement in the day to day management of your home, by setting up a Right to Manage company. We have successfully done this for a large number of clients. The regulatory framework is complex and the process is very technical. We have a range of services to see you through this process, from initial enquiry to acquiring the Right to Manage.

Leasehold Tribunals

If your service charge is out of control or in dispute, we offer a review of your current service charge bills and advocacy at the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal service to enable you to resist unfair service charge demands.

Going out to Tender

Reviewing your present contract by going out to tender is an excellent way to bench mark whether or not you are getting value for money from your Managing Agent. MTM offer a Tender Round service that will enable you to do just this and if appropriate, select and appoint a new agent on better terms whilst dispensing with the current agent in an orderly manner

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