Registrar Services

Registrar Services

MTM can help you maintain your Company Registers, whether they are held in a traditional paper, or electronic format.

We provide a full register updating service to process any missing entries and to bring the registers up to date.   Our service will assess your registers for compliance with the Companies Act, identify any missing documents, and where appropriate replace and file any corresponding forms with the Registrar of Companies.

We can provide an expedited service if for example, a company sale is pending or there is some reason for urgency.

In addition to our general writing up service, we can provide a fully outsourced registrar service to you (and your clients).  We can provide this as a "virtual company secretary" service, branded to your own firms requirements, or direct to your clients.

We can set up timely reminders for all filings, process any ad hoc forms arising from events during the year and so on.

MTM can act as your SAIL address, should you so require.

A SAIL address is a Single Alternative Inspection Location, where a limited company can choose to keep some or all of its Statutory company records and make them available for public inspection.  This is an entirely optional address that can be used for convenience, but it must be in the same country as a company's Registered Office.  If a company does not use a SAIL address, it is legally required to keep its statutory records at its registered office.

You must inform Companies House if you start to use a SAIL address and provide a list of the statutory records kept there.

To run through your requirements, or to simply make an initial enquiry, please call us on . Or use our page

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