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MTM are company specialists. From formation to dissolution we provide support throughout the entire company lifecycle.

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They say a professional is responsible for the result. We take that maxim very seriously. Whatever the assignment we will work with you to get the correct solutions. You can rely on our expert advice. Why not explore our comprehensive services below?

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Minutes, Notices & Resolutions

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Contracts & Agreements

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Advice & Guidance

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Corporate Governance

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Leaseholder Company Secretarial

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Entity Formation & Compliance

We provide an efficient and competively priced service to form new business entities, such as companies or LLP’s, through our client portal. Register for a free account on our Company Manager service. We will promptly set you up as a new client, provide any detailed guidance  you might want on a particular requirement and ensure that you and any team members are up and running quickly and easily.

Company Manager for Entity Incorporation and Management

Your own account on our bespoke Company Manager system

Form all your companies and other entities from within your account in a simple three step process

Create, view and manage any company easily and quickly

Import an existing company from Companies House

Assistance and guidance whenever you need it for a hassle-free experience.

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Document Preparation and Review

We often assist in drafting and reviewing legal documents related to transactions, such as contracts, agreements, and memoranda. We ensure the accuracy and completeness of these documents.

Building a Solid Foundation with Precision

We draft and review contracts, agreements, and memoranda with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring your legal intentions are crystal clear.

We identify and mitigate potential pitfalls in your documents, safeguarding your interests and protecting against unforeseen challenges.

Rest assured that your agreements are drafted to withstand scrutiny and protect your interests in the long run.

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Due Diligence

We can conduct due diligence on behalf of clients , which involves researching and analyzing documents and information related to transactions, ensuring compliance, identifying risks, and providing summarized findings.

Unveiling the Truth Behind the Transaction

Our comprehensive reports provide you with a clear picture of the risks and opportunities associated with the transaction, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Our due diligence findings equip you with leverage to negotiate favorable terms and protect your interests throughout the transaction process

We ensure transactions adhere to all relevant regulations and legal requirements, mitigating your exposure to liability and future complications.

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Contract Management

You or your clients can appoint us to maintain and organize contracts, tracking key dates, and ensuring compliance with contract terms.

Staying Organized and Compliant with Every Clause

Never miss a critical deadline again. We set up automated alerts for key dates and milestones, ensuring timely compliance with contractual obligations.

Gain valuable insights into your contractual landscape. We provide comprehensive reports on key metrics and trends, helping you optimize your contract portfolio.

We actively monitor your contracts for potential breaches or changes in regulations, safeguarding your interests and protecting against non-compliance risks.

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Regulatory Filings

We assist in preparing and filing necessary regulatory documents required for various transactions, ensuring adherence to legal requirements, key deadlines and statutory record obligations. 

Navigating the Maze with Confidence

We stay updated on the latest regulations and statutory record obligations, keeping your filings compliant and your business protected.

Leave the complex forms and legal jargon to us. We’ll translate your business needs into compliant filings, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Ensure your transactions progress smoothly with timely and accurate filings.

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Regulatory Compliance

We can help businesses comply with various regulatory frameworks, such as industry-specific regulations, data protection laws, consumer protection laws, and tax laws. 

Building a Fortress of Trust

Stay ahead of the tax curve. Through guidance on complex tax regulations and filing requirements, maximizing your returns while minimizing liabilities.

MTM LLP navigate the ever-evolving data protection landscape, helping you safeguard sensitive information and comply with stringent privacy regulations.

We empower you to uphold consumer protection laws, building trust and loyalty with your customers.

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Advice and Guidance

MTM provide advice tailored to the specific needs of their clients in relation to all company and commercial matters. This includes advising on business structures, contractual obligations, regulatory compliance, and potential risks involved in transactions.

Your Trusted Compass in the Commercial World

Whether you’re navigating mergers, acquisitions, or complex agreements, we offer expert guidance every step of the way, maximizing your returns and minimizing your risks.

Offering personalized guidance, MTM LLP specializes in understanding your unique business context. Our services include tailored advice on company structures, contractual obligations, and regulatory compliance.

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Drafting and Negotiating Contracts 

We can draft, review, and negotiate various contracts and agreements essential to commercial transactions, such as sales agreements, partnership agreements, employment contracts, and licensing agreements. 

Precision, Protection, Prosperity

Advocating for your best interests at the negotiating table, securing favorable terms and ensuring a balanced outcome for your business.

Meticulously drafting and reviewing contracts to ensure your interests are protected and your objectives are met.

Facilitating smooth and efficient transactions by crafting agreements that streamline processes and pave the way for successful collaboration.

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Corporate Governance

MTM can assist with corporate governance matters, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. This includes advising on directors’ duties, shareholder rights, and corporate responsibilities 

Building a Foundation of Trust and Transparency

By prioritizing good corporate governance, you lay the foundation for sustainable growth, attracting investors and building a positive reputation.

Expert guidance is offered on directors’ duties to ensure the fulfillment of legal and ethical obligations, promoting actions in the best interests of the company and its shareholders.

Championing shareholder rights, advisory services cover shareholder meetings, voting procedures, and communication and engagement mechanisms.

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Risk Assessment and Mitigation 

We can assess potential risks associated with transactions and develop strategies to mitigate these risks. We will clearly identify legal issues that might impact the transaction’s success and work on solutions to address them. 

Navigating the Uncharted with Confidence

By proactively managing risks, you can approach transactions with confidence.

Avoiding the wait for problems to arise, sophisticated tools and methodologies are employed to identify potential legal, financial, and operational risks associated with your transactions.

Steering clear of sugarcoating, we offer clear and concise assessments of the potential impact of identified risks.

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Intellectual Property (IP)

MTM advise on the protection, licensing, and enforcement of intellectual property rights, such as trademarks and copyrights which are often crucial in commercial transactions. 

Safeguarding Your Innovation

By prioritizing IP protection, you foster a culture of innovation within your organization, encouraging the creation and protection of new ideas.

Advising on the most effective strategies for protecting valuable intellectual property, including trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets.

Unlocking the commercial potential of IP by developing licensing strategies that generate revenue and expand reach.

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Ready to benefit from our company secretarial services? Reach out to us today to discuss your specific requirements or to request more information.

Dispute Resolution 

In case of disputes arising from commercial transactions, we may represent clients in negotiations, mediation, arbitration, or support litigation specialists to resolve conflicts and protect clients interests. 

Resolving Conflict with Skill and Efficiency

By effectively resolving disputes, you can minimize reputational damage, protect your business interests, and maintain positive relationships with key stakeholders.

Facilitators of constructive mediation sessions, offering a neutral platform for parties to reach mutually agreeable solutions.

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Recent Questions….

I have a great business idea, but I'm not sure what type of entity to form. Can you help?

Absolutely! Our team can guide you through the pros and cons of different business structures like LLP’s, LIMITED COMPANIES, and being a SOLE TRADER to choose the best fit for your unique needs and goals. We can  handle all the necessary paperwork and filings to get your business legally established.

I need a contract reviewed before I sign it. Can you help me understand the terms and potential risks?

Our senior partner can thoroughly review your contract, explain any technical legal jargon, and identify any potential clauses that could disadvantage you. We can also negotiate revisions to protect your interests and ensure the agreement is fair and balanced.

I'm worried about a new data privacy regulation impacting my business. Can you help me comply?

We stay up-to-date on the latest regulatory changes and can guide you through the steps to ensure your business complies with data protection laws, consumer protection laws, and other relevant regulations. We can also help you develop clear data privacy policies and procedures to protect your customers’ information.

I'm considering a major business deal, but I'm nervous about potential risks. Can you help me protect myself?

We assist with ten or twelve business sales or acquiistions each year. Our expert team can conduct comprehensive due diligence, analyzing documents, finances, and potential legal issues to identify any red flags or hidden risks associated with the transaction. We can also advise you on strategies to mitigate those risks and protect your interests throughout the process.

My business partner and I disagree on how to handle a legal issue. Can you help us resolve it?

We understand that disputes can be stressful and disruptive. We can act as a neutral mediator to facilitate communication and help you reach a mutually agreeable solution through negotiation. If mediation is unable to resolve the dispute, we can, where necessary,  provide referrals to specialist advisors to protect your individual interests during litigation.