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We get it. You are a busy professional and you need a capable partner you can work with to help you handle the legal aspects of entity formation and administration.  We can help with advice, formations and all matters related to companies. We specialise in this area and we bring proven experience and business acumen to the table.  

How would my accounting practice benefit from working with MTM ?

Collaboration between an accounting practice and a firm of company secretaries can be highly beneficial for clients looking for comprehensive business support. Here’s how your accounting practice might work with a company secretarial firm like MTM.


Complementary Services 

Company secretarial firms specialize in managing corporate compliance, governance, and administrative aspects, while accounting practices focus on financial aspects. Your collaboration could offer clients a one-stop solution for both financial and non-financial corporate needs. 


Integrated Service Offerings

Company secretarial firms specialize in managing corporate compliance, governance, and administrative aspects, while accounting practices focus on financial aspects. Your collaboration could offer clients a one-stop solution for both financial and non-financial corporate needs. 


Knowledge Sharing and Expertise

Collaboration allows for the exchange of knowledge and expertise between your accounting team and the company secretarial firm. This ensures a deeper understanding of clients’ overall business needs and better advice regarding financial and regulatory compliance matters.


Streamlined Client Management

Clients benefit from a holistic approach where financial and administrative aspects are aligned. This collaboration can offer them peace of mind, knowing that their business’s financial health and legal compliance are being managed effectively by experts in both domains.

What systems do MTM have in place for collaboration?

Collaboration between an accounting practice and a firm of company secretaries can be facilitated by various systems and tools designed for communication, data sharing, and project management. Here are some systems we use:

cloud based platforms icon

Cloud-Based Platforms

communication platforms icon

Communication Platforms

secure file sharing icon

Secure File Sharing

collaborative document management icon

Collaborative Document Management

workflow automation icon

Workflow Automation

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Shared Calendars and Scheduling Tools

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The Telephone

Cloud-Based Platforms

Utilizing cloud-based systems allows real-time access to shared documents and information. We use Microsoft 365 to enable collaborative work on documents.

Collaborate and Access Anytime, Anywhere

Gain greater oversight with centralized document storage and version control. Track changes, view who edited what, and revert to previous versions if needed.

Access documents and collaborate with colleagues from anywhere, on any device, with web and mobile app access.

As your team grows, cloud-based platforms adapt seamlessly, providing access and storage for all your needs.

colleagues working on cloud based platform

Communication Platforms

We use messaging and video conferencing tools including Microsoft Teams, or Zoom facilitate quick communication, virtual meetings, and discussions between teams working on shared projects or client matters.

Bridging the Distance with a Click

Reach colleagues instantly with seamless messaging features, eliminating the need for endless email chains.

Stay connected with colleagues on the go through mobile apps, ensuring smooth communication even outside the office.

Share presentations, documents, and screens in real-time, fostering interactive discussions and collaborative brainstorming.

engaged in a virtual meeting

Secure File Sharing

For sensitive documents and client information, secure file-sharing platforms like SharePoint, Dropbox Business, or encrypted email services ensure data security and compliance with confidentiality requirements.

Sensitive Information, Protected

These platforms use advanced encryption technologies to protect data at rest and in transit, keeping your information safe from unauthorized access.

Stay compliant with data privacy regulations and client confidentiality requirements with features like access controls, audit trails, and data loss prevention.

Share sensitive information confidently, knowing it’s protected by robust security measures.

happy sending secure files

Collaborative Document Management

MTM use SharePoint and OneDrive to allow teams to collaboratively work on and manage documents, ensuring everyone has access to the most updated versions.

Work Together, Achieve More

Store all project documents in one secure location, eliminating the need for scattered files and version confusion.

Everyone sees the latest changes as they happen, keeping everyone on the same page and avoiding duplicate work.

Work on documents simultaneously with built-in editing tools and real-time updates, boosting team productivity.

collaborating when sharing documents

Workflow Automation

We can help you automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows between your accounting practice and our company secretarial firm, improving efficiency and reducing manual errors.

Streamline Your Operations​

Implementing workflow automation enhances productivity by reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks​

By automating workflows, you minimize the risk of manual errors, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Our tailored solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, facilitating smooth collaboration​.

collaborating when sharing documents

Shared Calendars and Scheduling Tools

We work with platforms including Outlook Calendar to help in scheduling meetings, coordinating deadlines, and ensuring both firms are aligned on timelines and project milestones.

Stay Aligned, Stay Productive

Schedule meetings, appointments, and deadlines with ease. Shared calendars keep both teams informed and prevent scheduling conflicts.

Track project milestones and keep everyone accountable. Share deadlines, set reminders, and monitor progress in real-time.

Gain clear visibility into each other’s schedules and workload, fostering better communication and understanding.

business people working on a schedule.

The Telephone

We are always just a phone call away. Remember we are a partner lead firm and you will always be able to speak to a partner quickly and easily to obtain advice or resolve any urgent matter.

A Direct Line to Your Partner

Get immediate answers to your questions and tackle urgent matters swiftly. Don’t wait for emails or online replies, pick up the phone and connect with a partner instantly.

Your business is unique, and your needs deserve personalized attention. Partner-led service ensures you receive tailored advice and solutions specific to your circumstances.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

How does MTM's service complement my accounting practice?

MTM specializes in company secretarial tasks like compliance, governance, and administration, while your practice focuses on financial matters. Together, we offer clients a one-stop solution for both financial and legal needs, streamlining their experience and providing comprehensive support.

Can you tailor your services to our clients' specific needs?

Absolutely! We work closely with you to create integrated service packages that address your clients’ unique requirements. For example, when they establish a new business, we’ll handle the incorporation process while you set up their financial systems and advise on tax matters.

How does MTM ensure efficient collaboration with our team?

We leverage cutting-edge technology like cloud platforms (Microsoft 365), secure file sharing (SharePoint, Dropbox Business), and communication tools (Microsoft Teams, Zoom) to facilitate seamless collaboration. Real-time document access, quick communication, and virtual meetings foster a smooth and efficient workflow.

Can you help us streamline repetitive tasks and boost productivity?

Yes! We use workflow automation tools to eliminate manual errors and save valuable time. By automating repetitive tasks, both our teams can focus on higher-level work and maximize efficiency.

How do you keep sensitive client information secure?

Data security is a top priority at MTM. We utilize secure file-sharing platforms and encrypted email services to ensure confidential information remains protected. Additionally, our collaborative document management systems like SharePoint and OneDrive offer controlled access and version control.